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I Got Googled Forever

“Akash! You can come in T-shirt, shorts & slippers to do your talk at Google” – the words of Manish (My host at Google) relieved me; as I had exhausted wearing all my formal clothes during my back to back, daily corporate events & trainings in the last 7 days.

Sigh! – my first reaction. Immediately my next reaction was:- “Really ??” Or is this some dude trying to act super cool.

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The Road Less Travelled (Video)

India is perhaps the only country where the largest numbers of people first become Engineers / MBAs and then decide ‘What they want to be in their lives’.  We usually pick up trends / road most travelled because — it is safe, tested & gives us an illusory feeling of ‘belonging to the mainland’.

This blog has the Video of my TEDx talk — ‘The Road Less Travelled’ at SIBM, Bangalore. I share my story of having done a PG in Fashion from NIFT, New Delhi & then going on to become a Motivational Speaker & a Corporate Trainer.

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Dirty Secrets of Complicated Relationships

Loouuuu is in the air! Isn’t it?

Last week you probably celebrated Valentine’s Week. Either by laughing at ‘foolishly in love’ people (because you are jealously or happily single) or by actually being ‘foolish in love’. Let me tell you what I did.

This Valentine week, I ran this happy campaign about ‘Love, Sex & Relationships’ on my social media. I have canned that as a little presentation for you:

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How to Write a Good Resume & CV

You are probably wondering why I have written Resume & CV because all your life you perceived them to be same. There is a small difference. A resume and a CV differ in length. Resumes are generally very short & summarized (one or two pages) whereas CVs are more detailed. In other words, CVs give you lot of scope for story telling but resumes do not. The general format of a resume also differs from that of a CV. For convenience, I have used them interchangeably below & I have also uploaded their respective formats & samples at the end.

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How to write a good SOP (Statement of Purpose)

In the last 15 years of my career; one repeated ‘help request’ that I have tried to process regularly is that of “How to write an SOP”.   It is great, personally satisfying a feeling to have contributed my bit to the dreams of hundreds of brilliant, bright, career focused students.   By writing this Blog- the intent is to reach out to more. This is all that I learnt about SOP writing while seeing the success / rejection of many a SOP at v good places of learning.

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